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Ultimate Guide to U.S. Drone Regulations (2018)

Another insightful article by Jonathan Rupprecht. When you have a chance take a look through his website. It’s full of great original articles. This article has been updated to the latest regs as of 2018.

Ultimate Guide to U.S. Drone Regulations (2018)

by Jonathan Rupprecht

“Is my flying going to break some drone regulation and get me fined or sent to jail?”

We’ve all thought that.

We all get the drone as a gift, something to play with, or maybe so we can use it for business. We start flying it. We have lots of fun. But eventually, we ask ourselves “Are there any drone regulations I should know about?” After all, we don’t want to be “that guy” on the local 9 O’clock news with the horrible mugshot with frizzled hair. …READ MORE

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