The Purpose of this Blog

The Purpose of this Blog

As I attempt to bridge the gap between becoming a Part 107 Certificated Remote Pilot and an actually “working” Part 107 Remote Pilot, I decided to start putting together a site I can basically dump my research into. That way I can go back and review anything I found useful without having to resort to looking for it again online. I also hate bookmarking everything as it gets pretty unwieldly.

I think this also presents an opportunity to share some of the info I’ve found useful with others who are either looking to get into the drone industry or are already certified like myself. Most of the articles on this blog are linked to the original writer and site. It’s my way of promoting some of the material I’ve found useful as well.

If for any reason you wish to have me remove the link to your article please feel free to contact me directly at alex@kaibyair.com.

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